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Hi , I have many problems with CRM commercial module :
1- Recording did not upload it to Contact in Zoho CRM, I get a note in Zoho Activity “A call recording related to this user has been added to Contacts” , but I can’t see any voice recording …
2- there is some user I can’t find him, in the CRM user list in user management.
3- I find many unknown users in the CRM user list in user management !!!

Should I do something to solve these problems?

(Mohit Mishra) #2

Can you please share the sangoma crm module version?


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Hi mmishra
Crm Module verion
Freepbx 14
Asterisk 16

(Mohit Mishra) #4

Please try with latest release of sangoma crm module.

sangomacrm 14.0.18


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how can Update to this version , I tried to press check online button in Module admin but I get Enabled and up to date in Status !
Thanks in Advance

(Mohit Mishra) #6

Try with fwconsole ma downloadinstall sangomacrm --tag 14.0.18


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Sangoma support Update Sangomacrm module to 14.0.19 , but till now Storing Call Recording on CRM not working :frowning: .

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