CRM module (webhooks)

Hello, i’m about to buy the CRM module for my freepbx server.

I see that the module return array of calls/records and many informations about reports.

But my task is that my FreePBX server send by itself thoses informations.
As an example : each time call is ended my serv send with a POST or curl or whatever protocol, all informations of this call to an other server.

Is it possible with CRM module ? Or i need something else?

Any docs, tutorial or informations will be useful (the wiki don’t tell much about this feature.)

Kind Regards.

Check this out.


Thank you for your reply

I would have appreciated something clearer about my project.
I will not spend money for a module if I do not know if it fulfills the desired functionality.

Kind Regards.

The CRM Module does precisely what you describe. It is an add-on component for FreePBX. You can write your own code to do this, if that’s what you prefer.

You are spending the money to get the capability either way, either through a bank draft or spending your time to write it.

What else do you need to know about the feature? The Wiki includes example code and settings to do this for several popular CRM systems, so I’m unclear on what specific performance components you are missing.

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Thank you for your reply !

I’m gonna dig that wiki, to get wat i must do to achieve my project.

But right now, i don’t know precisely how to test this.


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