CRM Link for Zoho, API connected but call not working

Hi guys,
I have bought the commercial module CRM Link for Zoho. Running FreePBX (last version).
I have followed this guide: Setup for ZohoCRM - PBX GUI - Documentation.
API status show connected but when I try to call a Contact from Zoho, call doesn’t work (only show Connecting…). Already tried creating a new contact with a internal extension (registered at freepbx), then calling that extension, but not luck.

Do I need to install Asterisk 1.4 PhoneBridge? Is there any additional step?
At Zoho, Setup-> Channels-> Telephony: FreePBX is not listed. Why not?

Has someone any suggestion?

SIP 403 - Forbidden. - The phone is trying to register too fast and the server has blocked the phone for that reason; - You are trying to register multiple devices at once and the server is blocking the phone for that reason; The exact meaning of the error message depends on the PBX configuration or the VoIP provider.

Thanks cynhut. Right now API status is connected but when I try to call from Zoho call doesn’t work.
I updated post.

You have to update the pbx api and follow the new wiki doc. my setup works, but it connects to zoho account in USA by default, maybe it is not acceptable by other zoho users.

Thanks James for your response.
Can you please share the new wiki doc? Couldn’t find it.

The link is same as i used before, but you have to update to latest CRM module or seek a help from sangoma.

Ok, Which link you used before? I have the CRM Link last updated version. I did a fresh install today.

I found need to go Admin->User Management, select the extension Username, click edit, go to CRM tab and linked username with Zoho synced username but still not luck.

FreePBX CRM Link is lacking of documentation. Could someone help me?


We opened support ticket #914681 (priority 1) with Sangoma, after waiting 24 hours we’re still waiting for a response.

Support service is really slow, I have had great experience working with Cisco, Avaya, Grandstream, Microsoft and so on.

You opened a ticket mid-day on a Friday. Non SLA tickets are only worked during business hours.

You confirmed my point. Mid-day on a friday is still business hours. Maximun support SLA time with others brands is 24h, 24/7. Non SLA for a ticket feel like Sangoma doesn’t cares about the customer experience.

CRM Link module lack documentation, a how-to question should be answered at the forum not Service Support. That’s my experience with your competition’s support service.

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