CRM Link and timezone for timestamps

I am working with the CRM Rest API.

The webhook payload does not seem to be documented.

Can anyone explain the difference between calldate and timestamp.

Is there any way to know the time zone of these fields if all you have is the posted webhook payload?

For example, I have a record that was posted to my webhook callback that offers:


But the numbers don’t seem to make sense to me. I hate to assume the “timestamp” is a Unix timestamp if it isn’t…

All timestamps are utc.

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So I thought that meant to use the ‘timestamp’ field.

I looked through a few call records and ended up in a funny spot where the timestamp for end was before the start timestamp.

start calldate: 1655932412
end calldate: 1655932421

end - start: 9

start timestamp: 1655932412
end timestamp: 1655932410

end - start: -2

Is there an explanation for the difference between calldate and timestamp anywhere? I’ve searched but cannot find it.

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