CRM link and outbound call files


I purchased the CRM link in order to obtain information about the calls via webhook and make an integration. I tried to make outbound calls using call files and finally send the call to a Queue where I have an extension logged. When the call is transfered I don’t get any information through the web hook, if I make an outbound call manually the webhook information is present. I see webhook is triggered only in external calls, but with the outbound call files there is not triggered. Are there some option in configuration to force the webhook send information regarding the active call using outbound call files?


Include the missing dial plan on the context you are sending calls to from the call file.

I am using this context. I sent to extension 8888 in order to give a greeting before transfer the call to queue 3000.

exten => 8888,1,Answer
same => n,Playback(custom/greeting)
same => n,Goto(from-internal,3000,1)

when you make the outbound call, see what context is called and incorporate it, either in the queue_out context or make a specific transfer that goes to the context with the webhook you desire.

I made test even making a simple inbound call to the queue where is the agent extension and also directly to the extension and the webhook is not called. In the Webhook configuration I set that it has to send information in both , inbound and outbound calls, but with inbound is not working. Do you know if there is a log of the CRM link commertial module to check if there is a possible error?

If you cannot get what you need from the wiki:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM+Link) - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (

Since its a commercial module, I would engage sangoma directly for support.