CRM Integration and Softphone seats?

I own and run a small MSP. We sell 3CX as a phone solution. I’m curious how the FreePBX CRM integration compares to the 3CX integration. 3CX can log calls (who made the call, the duration, etc.), but it can’t upload the actual call recording.

Does the FreePBX CRM integration allow for uploading the call (via .mp3 or whatever audio type) itself to the CRM?

Also, as far as Softphone seat licensing goes, do all of the seats in a “package” have to be assigned to a single FreePBX instance? For example, if Customer A need 5 seats, and Customer B, needs 15 seats, can I buy a single 20-seat license and split those up?

PBX GUI : Customer Relationship Management (CRM Link) (


Licenses are deployment specific. Unless both groups are on the same PBX, the licenses cannot be shared.

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