CRM for Hospital Call Centers

Hi All,
I have Pbxact UC 2000 fully licensed i want to see if is there anything like CRM which connects with asterisk so my agants can keep notes of the calls so next time when they call i can see all those notes thank you all.

Another good module for hospital would be so the patient can call in and be promted to eneter their phone number and check when their appointments is
Almos like and appointments reminder but this they call in.

Thank you

The CRM Interface for FreePBX isn’t a CRM system, it’s a connector to a CRM system.

I’m not familiar with anyone that’s set up an appointment tracker like you are describing, but any reasonable CRM system should handle the “note taking” part. SuiteCRM (for example) certainly has this and many other capabilities.

Depending on your location, you may have Hipaa requirements to content with, so building this functionality into the PBX, or connecting and flowing data into they system you will want to make sure that you keep yourself compliant. For appointment reminders and such, you would need to likely contend with setting up an HL7 Compliant data transfer, which is something that I don’t believe our CRM Link Modules / Generic API have integrated/considered currently, but as I’ve always stated, we would be willing to look at working with any specific Practice Management Software applications to build this connectivity via HL7 standards, assuming that there was interest, funding and the opportunity made sense to be able to replicate.

Information on configuration of our PBXact Generic API for CRM Integration:

Thanks for the respond That’s why I don’t want cloud base CRM i would have it on site then encrypt the server.
as per appointment reminder we already calling them I want them to have the option to call anytime to confirm or cancel their appointment.

Probably best to go with some custom IVR work to integrate that with your back end system, as it sounds like something that would not be easily replicated or a good fit for a generalized solution offering from us as it would be pretty specific to your environment. If you are interested send me a PM and I can forward you some third party folks that you can possibly work with.

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