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Critical Errors Found - There are 83 bad destinations

(Matthew B) #1

Critical Errors found
Please check for errors in the notification section

There are 83 bad destinations
Announcement: AATIGreeting
Directory: Directory for AATI IVR Menu … and so on

Happened since last modules update.

Any ideas?

(Andrew Nagy) #2

Go to module admin. Make sure everything is enabled.

(Matt Hettermann) #3

This is happening on my system too - showed up after Contact Manager 14.0.4 (and also affects Contact Manager - rolling back to Contact Manager solved it. I have lots of commercial modules disabled, am not really inclined to go back through and re-enable all of them …

(Andrew Nagy) #4

Upgrade to Contact Manager

(Matthew B) #5

That sparked my memory, as I did have edge mode enabled for trying out a module, and the edge version of contact manager got installed. I rolled it back to, and no errors with destinations anymore.


(Andrew Nagy) #6

Why would you rollback when I said “Upgrade to Contact Manager” the fix is in and has been marked as the solution in this thread by you

(Matthew B) #7

Because the production version, which is at fixed the issue.

(system) #8

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