Critical Errors Found - There are 83 bad destinations

Critical Errors found
Please check for errors in the notification section

There are 83 bad destinations
Announcement: AATIGreeting
Directory: Directory for AATI IVR Menu … and so on

Happened since last modules update.

Any ideas?

Go to module admin. Make sure everything is enabled.

This is happening on my system too - showed up after Contact Manager 14.0.4 (and also affects Contact Manager - rolling back to Contact Manager solved it. I have lots of commercial modules disabled, am not really inclined to go back through and re-enable all of them …


Upgrade to Contact Manager


That sparked my memory, as I did have edge mode enabled for trying out a module, and the edge version of contact manager got installed. I rolled it back to, and no errors with destinations anymore.


Why would you rollback when I said “Upgrade to Contact Manager” the fix is in and has been marked as the solution in this thread by you

Because the production version, which is at fixed the issue.

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