Creating remote extensions in endpoint manager

I have activated my vpn on the freepbx ver. I created two templates, one internal, one external. I thought when you tied the sysadmin vpn to the endpoint manager, it would allow you to change the aspect of the extension to use the vpn? I have seen documentation that says to tell endpoint manager than you want to use the vpn. Guess what, this version doesn’t let you tell endpoint that the extension is going to use the vpn. Any ideas Sangoma?

After creating an extension mapping in Endpoint Manager, click the option to modify the mapping, and you should see an option to set the vpn client in the list. If this isn’t what you need, can you send a link to the document you’re looking at, and provide your endpoint module version number?

EPM VER. 15.0.23 Yes, i am using Freepbx I was told by Sangoma that VPN’s aren’t supported on Grandstream phones. Maybe it’s true you can’t pick VPN client because it’s a Grandstream brand?

Correct. EPM does not support VPN features on any gs model.

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