Creating new users for amportal

Hey all,
I’m working with FreePBX version and wonder if it is possible to create more users for the amportal (web interface).
I want to limit those users from changing the PBX configurations.
(For example: the new user will be able to view only).
Thanks in advance,

Look at Admin | Administrators menu. You can create new users and limit somewhat the tasks they can preform.

Ops. The above if for 2.10.

For 1.9 look on the Setup tab under Basic look for Administrators.

I found it even with the 2.10 instruction(no such a different between those version).
Thank you for your help!

I create new Administrator with Range of Extension 3005-3011 and access to module CDR Reports. And after i login use new created accout a can to see all calls, but i must to see only calls for that extensions!
Help me please.

That is not possible. Extension range is only what extensions they can see in FreePBX to edit. Does not effect any other module such as CDR