Creating extensions, ivrs, trunks and queues programmatically

Hi everyone.
I have a panel and I want to client be able to create extensions, ivrs, trunks and queues automaticlly .
for extensions I found bulk handller but I want to do it with another way if it is possible.
can anyone help me?

What triggers their creation?

There isn’t enough information here to be sure that it wouldn’t be better to build your system directly on top of Asterisk. The normal use of FreePBX seems to fit some interpretations of your subject.

I suspect from the way the question is being asked the OP is trying to build a front end portal for reselling phone service in a multi tenant environment and he is looking for an API to control the things that you normally control inside the FreePBX interface.

The answer is that FreePBX is not well suited for this use case and you should probably look at some other solution to implement this with.

thank a lot for your help