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I need a template for a Yealink EXP-50. I’m trying to get an answer from Yealink but it’s radio silence for now.

It would it be nice if we could take some existing templates and customize them like we want. It could be implemeted by allowing people to create “custom” brands, based on existing templates. We could then change the settings in the differents tabs by programming the different labels and values (by using the values present in Basefile) , choose the number of BLFs, etc. I would add custom fields like Language, Date format, Encryption, etc.

From what I know, the EXP-40 template works perfectly for the EXP-50, except that it’s missing the extra buttons. If there was an easy way to add the missing buttons, I wouldn’t need an “official” template. Adding lines in the basefile edit (like expansion_module.1.key.40.label = e140label) will probably work but I would have to hardcode the values in the basefile. Not very practical when you have multiple templates or if you want to have different configurations for different extensions.

Was this ever discussed ? (Didn’t find anything pertinent in the forum) I know I have to open a feature request but I’d like to have to feedback so I can include it in the request.

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EXP50 support is already added.

There is no facility for adding templates/brands for devices that are not officially supported:


OMG it was finally added ! I didn’t update module before I posted, I see it now.
Thank you for the info.

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