Creating Auto Attendant

I am new to Asterisk & FreePBX and loving it so far, as is expected. I am not new to Linux or phone technology – though I am not an expert on either.

What I have setup right now is FreePBX 2.6.01 on CentOS 5.4 with a Digium TE122 tied to a Toshiba CIX/CTX PRI card. So far so good. We are setup this way because we do not want to replace all of our phones right now, but would like to use Asterisk/FreePBX as our Voice Mail system.

What I need to do is mimic the auto attendant that we are currently using. We need a recording to play when the main number is dialed, then another recording to play immediately after that depending on if we are open or closed. If we are open, it should transfer to an extension and if we are closed it should transfer to another extension (which will ultimately be our after hours service as is setup now).

Where I specifically need help is what method to use to setup the auto attendant. I think that I have the transferring all figured out. Any advice or ideas are most welcome. If anyone has done this before and woudl like to share examples or experience, that is even better.


FreePBX ivr is pretty straightforward to set up.
You also need to become familiar with the DAY/NIGHT functions.

As I said, they’re all straight forward.

When you take a look at these, let me know if you have any specific questions.


Thanks Bill, I’ll take a look. I was looking right over that because I don’t want to offer any options to the caller except maybe to dial an extension before the receptionist answers.

I’ll be back if I have an questions.

Thanks for the reply!

Took me a bit to realize what I needed to do if I wasn’t going to prompt for any digits to be pressed, but got it. Simple as you said it would be.

Thanks again!

With this stuff you have to sit back, take a deep breath and then dive back in.

Good Luck