Creating a dial plan

Im fairly new to freepbx/asterisk, can someone point me to creating a dial plan? I looked at visual dial plan standard software to get an idea of whats involved but I would rather not use that software and understand how to create the plan within freepbx, perhaps some sample code with explanations.

Are you talking about dialing out or setting up Voice Mail?

Everything is done with the FreePBX interface. Outbound Routes has Dial Plan Wizards and Trunks has Dial Rules wizards.

Also look at:

PBX in a Flash® without Tears:

hi… thanks for the links, so from what I read it seems like freepbx will ONLY allow the numbers masked by NNN or XXX as defined in the dial plan rules…? all other numbers that do not match any of these patterns will not be dialed via the outbound trunk?

Where did you get that from? Hover over the dial plan in FreePBX for an explanation.


You can construct any string you want. IE: 4xx will match any 3 digit extension starting with 4.

so what happens if you dial a pattern that you did not create? for example if you create


and some one dials


obviously that shouldn’t work, thats what I was saying

That is correct it would not work. You would get “Your call cannot be completed”.

That is not really a problem is it?


You may also check this video on what dial plan is. It is based on Ozeki Phone System XE and it fairly explains dial plan and VoIP: