Create Trunks

any one tell me how to create trunks from one PC to another PC.
Kindly send me all details.

A trunk is the telephone service line that you will be using to make an external call on. A trunk can support as many outbound calls as is configured in the Maximum Channels parameter for that trunk.

A trunk can be any of the following:

• a connection to another PBX

• a VOIP service provider (VSP) that you have signed up with

• a POTS line to the PSTN

What kind of Trunk are you trying to add? Zap, SIP, IAX2, ENUM, DUNDi, or Custom ??

i have trying to create a connection to another PBX machine for long distance city to city use a E1 link.

But I would recommend starting your post with specifics on your system. And specifics on what you are trying to do. If there is not enough info anyone looking at this would have to tell you about every kind of SIP. But you asked for details.

There is a thread over at PBXinaFlash that has an example of setting up an IAX2 connection between two boxes: