Create trunk from computer & mobile on windows7

buyed server & used trixbox openvz image

have lot cash on mobile

wishes to create sip trunk for conect to asterisk

  1. when i at home, conecting mobile to computer
  2. start some software
  3. asterisk will connect automaticaly when see trunk as online & will use it

where is problem?
what mobile & what software can be used (heard about 3cx)

Your messages makes no sense. If English is your second language please get someone who speaks English better to help you.

If this is not the problem please explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve. You have a phone line at home you want a remote Asterisk server to use as a trunk?

Check this:

As SkykingOH says, it is hard to understand what are you asking.

I am guessing you want to use your mobile phone as an extension of your pbx? If it is you ar asking, you should find some SIP software for your phone. Many symbian phones already includes this in the system. Also Android includes this but there are also lots of apps that implements SIP for Android and iPhone.

Hey Anv -

Putting a SIP client on a mobile handset is pretty straightforward, but won’t let him, to paraphrase; “have lot cash on mobile” use his included call credit / pre-paid credit on his mobile.

Without second guessing the OP, I think he really wants to use his mobile phone as an Asterisk trunk, for which (as AndrewZ has correctly proposed) the chan_mobile module in Asterisk would probably be the best bet in a relatively modest call volume situation.

The other method would be a GSM gateway, but this would probably be overkill and would be far less flexible.