Create new database in Elastix!

Hi all!

I’m using Developer-Module to create a Elastix module.

I want to create a new database to store customer infomation.

By adding code to index.php file, I don’t know how to do that.

Please help me, thanks so much!

This is not Elastix. Please go ask on their forums.

To expand on the above elastix specific development questions should be posed to elastix developers. If you wish to learn about development within FreePBX see our wiki. note stable elastix versions of FreePBX may be a bit older and may not support some functionality of newer FreePBX versions

Thanks so much, I need your help to create new database by adding code, I think FreePBX embedded in elastix and I have a strong trust with so I post in this forum.

Yes Elastix does use FreePBX within their product but it is not the same as you just using FreePBX. They integrate it in to part of a bigger solution. There is a good chance any advice we give will cause you to break things. You can see our wiki for FreePBX development. You can also view all of ur code for examples ath Again note this is all around our current +1 or 2 releases back. The stable Elastix I believe sit prior to this meaning our information may not be valid because it relies on newer code.

If you wish to migrate over to a Distro such as the FrePBX distro when we can be more helpful.

There is no need to move because Elastix has a community of people that may be able to help you but no one here wants to give bad advice and break your stuff.