Create extensions : Solved


How can i create extentions remotely via http or command line, api … Thank you

You can use fwconsole command with bulkimport:

If you need to delete an extension, you can use this script:

If you have ssh access to the PBX but prefer working in the GUI, use ssh to forward whatever HTTP or HTTPS port your system uses. For example, forward local port 80 to remote , log in as usual, then open your browser to
and the GUI should appear.

If you don’t have access via ssh, what access to the site do you have (VPN, access to its router, etc.)?

If you don’t have any access, perhaps someone at the site can help you, e.g. allow you to connect to their PC with TeamViewer or similar, then run a browser on their machine to do your work.

If the site is unattended and you have no access, you are probably out of luck.

Or use FreePBX 15 that has a full API

i have access to the freepbx via public ip. but i need a script that can create extensions without using csv file…
Are you sure we can do it with freepbx15 ?

Maybe you should ask the project lead of FreePBX?


Please can you create same script but to create an extension ??

Now i have freepbx 15, and when i see the api module, i have this : gql:core:write:extension GraphQL , it is the correct way to create extension ?

Thank you for your help !

Solved with bulk handler. Thank you all.

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