Create Dial Plan


I am quite new to freePBX, I am using FreePBX 2.2.1 and i make a lot of outstation calls to other country. It’s very troublesome to dial a long country code. Is there anyway to configure the FreePBX with a new dial plan where I will need only to dial 8 to replace the whole country code.

eg:- To dial to India :- 9-00-91- xxxxxxxxxx (India got 10 digit number)
I will only dial 8-xxxxxxxxxx

   *but i would still like to keep 9 prefix for normal calls.

Thanks in advance

I did try the tooltips suggestions but they doesn’t seems to work so well. Is there any article or tutorial on the trunk and outbound route as i still have trouble to understand them. [/quote]

between the options you have in outbound routes and on the trunk, you can easily customize that to your liking. Take a look at the tooltips on those two pages, in the case of trunks, you can add and remove digits on the same number to change it.