Create custom extensions

I’m using FreePBX and I’d like to be able to create a custom extension that when dialed, waits for silence and then plays a system recording. I presume I can do this by editing the custom_extensions.conf file. Any suggestions on building that dialplan?

One would have to ask “what are you really trying to do?” it’s probably already built into FreePBX.

What I would like to be able to do is to have an extension where someone can transfer a call to it and it will wait for silence and then play a system announcement. This is so that when an agent dials a call and clearly gets a voicemail pickup, they can then transfer the call to an extension that will play a desired system announcement.

For example extension 2101 would play the message, “your payment is due in two days.” and extension 2102 would play a message that says, “your payment is past due.” I understand that the wait for silence isn’t perfect and depending on our actual results that may or may not be an issue for us. We are recording all calls at the trunk level so I’m also thinking that we should be able to go back and listen to some of the calls to QA how well it works. Does that help?

Try adding to/creating:



exten => 2101,1,WaitForSilence(1000)
exten => 2101,n,Playback(custom/yoursystemrecording)
exten => 2101,n, Hangup()