Create an extension remotely & programmatically

I have 2 servers, one runs AsteriskNOW, the other runs a my own website. I need to allow customers to use the website to create extensions because they have no knowledge on the FreePBX page. Anyone please help me!

FreePBX is meant to be a PBX. If you need to be not a PBX and instead an itsp then you should consider an alternative

Actually I just came up with an idea. I want to share here: First, insert into asterisk.sip table necessary information (to make sure the extension is shown on FreePBX). Second, insert into sip_custom.conf the extension’s information (to make sure it is a part of Asterisk). Third, run ‘asterisk -rx “dialplan reload”’.

You could always use a toothpick to kill a dragon too, but using the right tool for the right job is a better idea. By the way your Idea at best won’t work, at worse will break all the things.

Script here that looks to be what you are looking for.