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Create a letsencrypt certificate

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(Croissantisokay) #1

Hello !

I’m learning VoIP and FreePBX so 'im very new into it.
I wanted to generated a letsencrypt certificate to configure my WebRTC phone.

I am really lost with my port management.
Can i have a way to know how to configure it correctly??

Thank you and cya !

(Croissantisokay) #2

I’m trying many things, but no luck.

Does the probleme come from my port management?

(Croissantisokay) #3

Still the same issue with my certificate management

I think the problem isnt here, can someone have an idea??

have a nice day :slight_smile:

(Itzik) #4

You need a valid FQDN that resolves to your PBX.

(You’ll need to forward your FQDN to your WAN IP and forward ports)

All this, is documented in the Wiki.

(Croissantisokay) #5


Thank you ! That show me the way to configure it.

Do you know if i can do it with my router? To configure an external access to generate the certificate .

(Itzik) #6

I don’t know which router you have, but I don’t recall ever seeing a router which doesn’t allow port forwarding.

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