Crazy ram + cpu usage from isymphony


We have a server with 24 cpus (12 x dual core), and 64GB ram, i don’t have the cpu speed off hand.

We are having an issue where isymphony server is using a crazy amount of ram on the server, 25GB, for about 200 users. By comparisson, asterisk uses less than 1GB.

The cpu usage also fluctuates wildly, often using up 60% of the entire systems resources (not just 60% of 1 core)

We have normally around 75 - 100 calls simultaneously, according to freepbx system status.

Approx 15 managers are using isymphony on their workstations to control their agents, but its usually filled with outdated information, and when they try to barge, they often get a timeout from AMI that the action failed.

What could cause this?

iSymphony v2.7.1 rev 3989
asterisk 11.0.1

Possibly not Isymphony per se, it runs under your JRE, from bash,

java -version


java version “1.7.0_09”