Crap! Accidently upgrading distro 12.6.65 to 10.13.66

By NOT paying attention, I was wanting to update my system from 12.6.65-28 to -29 and managed to start installation of the beta 10.13.66 version and track.

Stupid question, but is there any way to easily revert back? Or must I reinstall and restore settings from a backup.

Next stupid question… if I stay on this beta track, when will it go stable and should I keep this version for a home-business system. Is it stable enough?



I think it’s pretty stable. You shouldn’t have any dramas with it, honestly. And if you do, report bugs and we’ll fix 'em! :sunglasses:


Thanks! Still sweating the install. I feel so stupid! Argh!


I believe you can refer to yourself as an Inadvertent Beta Tester.

Did you know that all FreePBX 13 Beta Testers get ponies?(*)

It’s true.(**)

If you find anything that’s broken, feel free to grab us in IRC, or report an issue in the bugtracker, or yell for help here in the forums!


*: This is not true.
**: No Really. You’re not getting a pony.


I’d love a pony! Or a free SysAdmin Pro!!!

Anyway, it was pretty painless! Updated to 10.13.66-4 and everything seems to work as it should! Most all settings transferred. One oddity, eth0 was set to unconfigured, yet the static ip and all was present and of course correct. Set to static and ‘on boot’ or was it automatic…

I also need to reconfigure my ‘from’ email addresses for fax and voice mail and everything else to a real domain name to ensure delivery, instead of the default machine [email protected] or whatever it is. All of that was overwritten.

I next need to decide if there is any real need to update (switch) asterisk from 11.19.0 to 13.X.X I doubt I need it. (I need to go to OTTS again next time it is in the SW to relearn a lot of stuff and new stuff)!

Lastly, I kind of like the changes in FreePBX 13.

That’s a strange one. I’ll look into that.

Edit: I don’t s’pose you would happen to have a backup of the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 would you? It sounds like there was an error reading that file, but I don’t know what it could be.

Was the ‘from’ address set to something previously? Or was it blank?

‘asterisk-version-switch’ and you can bounce back and forward between versions painlessly. Being able to use PJSip is the big winner by switching to Asterisk 13.


I don’t have a backup ifcfg-eth0 for my FreePBX. Never needed it. I do for my Linux firewall, but that won’t help.

And the From address for voicemail and fax was previously set to my primary domain. [email protected] and fax was [email protected]. Both had to be reset/re-entered.

And thanks for the info on Asterisk versions. Need to study up on PJSip.