CPU Usage events/0 and /3

Hi All

On my quest to find the cause of some packet loss I’ve found the CPU on both my primary and secondary to be constantly active.

I don’t think the CPU usage is the cause of the packet loss but I’m curious as to what’s causing it as I’ve not seen it like this before.

On my primary I’m seeing this with top (constant 14-16% CPU)

   19 root      20   0     0    0    0 S 15.6  0.0   6045:59 events/0  and on my secondary (constant 14-16% usage) (after a reboot which did not fix it)    22 root      20   0     0    0    0 S 14.9  0.0   3:28.80 events/3

There’s nothing strange in any of the logs, dmesg etc so I’m not sure what’s going on.

I’m running a stock 64-bit FPBX 2.11 install 5.211.65-14

Any ideas?


In a 2.6 kernel, events/cpu_number is a mechanism (it replaces the old keventd) for handling low-level requests that need to run asynchronously. All sorts of notifications run through there … it’s very ad hoc. So if you’re seeing this “pegging the meter,” all it’s really telling you is that there’s a loop somewhere.

In a quick google search this may be related to your NIC.

What network card do you have

The secondary is a poweredge 2850 with dual ethernet controller:

Intel Corporation 82541GI Gigabit Ethernet Controller

The primary is a Dell R520 with dual ethernet controller:

Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5720 Gigabit Ethernet

I’m trying to workout top’s TIME+ to get an idea as to when this started. It looks like it may have started after the last FPBX upgrade script when I went from 5.211.65-12 to 14

I’ve tried resetting the network cards and unplugging both (all on the secondary, I don’t want to touch the primary just yet) but events/3 still sits at a constant 15% CPU

events/3 is on the secondary

events/0 is on the primary

It’s something to do with DAHDI which I know got updated on the last FPBX script. If I do an amportal stop events/3 on the backup drops to 0%. If I wanrouter start events/3 goes back to 15% CPU. Running amportal start kicks everything back into life but events/3 is still 15%

Running wanrouter start is OK until the part where it starts DAHDI. At this point events/3 jumps to constant 15% CPU

does anyone have any suggestions?