Could not reload FOP server

I just upgraded my 2.9 distro to the latest version. FOP was disabled in 2.9 but in version 2.10 I get the “Could not reload FOP server” error in FreePBX notices. I subsequently uninstalled FOP in “modules admin” and restarted Asterisk but the error notice won’t go away. Since FOP is not even running anymore I don’t understand why the error message won’t go away. I googled the issue and founds lots of posts but nothing that really helps.


Check your amportal.conf for FOP related stanza

Thanks. I removed the below reference and the system starts out ok. I simply can’t get rid of the old error that pops up in the FreePBX notification window.

FOP Web Root Dir

Default Value:


Don’t edit amportal.conf, you have to use the advanced settings module.

Hi Skyking.

You are right. There is in fact a reference to FOP in “advanced settings” in the hidden settings (so it’s not obvious). I guess I should have removed the settings there (which I did now) but that still does not resolve my problem of that pesky error message. I would also like to point out that no reference to FOP should exist in any configs on my system since FOP was uninstalled.