COS vs extension routing


We have a doubt, actually we are using extension routing by have a problem and seems like that not work:, this example:


Outbound route A => just 123 extension restricted with extension routing module
Outbound route B => just 124 extension restricted with extension routing module

A -> Pattern (dialplan landline 9XXXXXXXX)
B -> Pattern (wildcard “.”)

Sometimes when 124 extension call, it use the outblound route A, and these is restricted for him, We had think about COS commercial module, can somebody tell me if with this module is possible our idea?

Thank you.

Extension routing has a free trial.

EDIT: I would rather go with COS since it has more features, and what you are trying to do can be done with both modules.

thank you by your reply @PitzKey, as I said in the first message, my issue is that I’m using extension routing and have configured of these way but sometimes the extension 124 is not restricted and use the Outbound route A also, when just should use the B :frowning:

You’ll need to provide logs.

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