CoS Added, Additional Endpoints

I have a server that was setup and running for a while. I recently in the last couple of months added the CoS module. It seems like as soon as that happened, I see a whole list of additional “endpoints” in the peers list beginning with 99 before each extension.


I see this for each existing extension, but I noticed that if I delete an extension, it deletes the matching 99 endpoint too. Creating a new user does not create one these additional endpoints either. Anyone know what or why these are here and how to get rid of them if they aren’t needed? Just adds unnecessary clutter.


Those endpoints are generated internally for Zulu, and have nothing to do with COS.

Well that’s interesting because I have never used Zulu. In fact I think I did remove it from the server because I was tired of seeing errors that it wasn’t running or licensed. Did removing it cause that? Anyway to clear them out if that’s the case?

My mistake. Zulu endpoints have a 90 prefix, these are WebRTC devices.

Thank you for the clarification. No one uses UCP, let alone the WebRTC, so I have uninstalled it and it removed those extra endpoints.

Have a great day!

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