Corrupted ASTDB - how to rebuild?

I have a corrupted ASTDB on a Trixbox 2.4 system. A “database show” ends after about five entries. The last entry is:
/BLKVM/210/SIP/208-b7db11b0 : TRUE

None of the CALLTRACE, CW, or DEVICE entries are visible.

The disk was full recently, so this may have caused the problem.

How can I rebuild the ASTDB?


Go to Extensions, select each extension that you have, click Submit on each.
When done, click on Apply Configuration Changes
This will re-create the settings for AMPUSER and DEVICE so that your system will be up and running.


I did as you suggested, but “database show” still ends at the same place - no DEVICE entries.

I even found the dumpastdb.php script and ran that, but it gives me the same subset of data. I suspect maybe something corrupt inside the astdb file.


Do an amportal stop to shutdown asterisk. Rename the file /var/lib/asterisk/astdb to, for example, astdbold. Start asterisk again with amportal start and go through the extension submitting each entry.


That did the trick - thanks a lot.

We also had to go through the FollowMe entries and resubmit them too.



Thank you for the feedback, I am glad that you got your system back on track.
Mikael Carlsson

Hi there,

I have a server with thousand of users and I need a script to rebuild the whole ASTDB after a MySQL DB migration. Do you know which FreePBX function I should call?


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