Corrupt voicemail files

Hello I’m new to the forum. I just installed Freepbx Stable-6.12.65 64bit with asterisk 13, Ive had the same issue with 11. The issue I’m having is that when I someone calls from mobile phone or land line and leaves a message the messages aren’t playable I’ve tried playing them from the email attachments and over the phones voicemail feature. The weird thing is that when I make a phone call from our current providers voip service (Ringcentral) the messages come through, I can play the attachment with no problems. I’ve had several people call me and leave test voice mails from all kinds of mobile phones, regular land lines and none work. the files are corrupt and unplayable.

Ive tried playing the files from my mobile phone from the email attachments, from my desktop computer, and from the phones voicemail none can play the files. the only files that get recorded and can be played back are the ones I leave from our current voip provider. Thanks for the help.

You are using alpha software (asterisk 13 with FreePBX), better you use a stable build, make sure you are using licensed codecs.

Thanks for the tip. Ive also had the same problem with stable asterisk 11 installed. I installed this version just to see if it fixed the problem but it hasn’t. I will check the codecs tomorrow. Thanks again