Corrected Post - EPM and VPN Server

I previously posted a question on this that was too vague to mean anything. I’ll try again.
Freepbx 15. Yealink endpoints (mix of T46, T54, T48)

In the Extensions Module, I created extensions. Under the user manager settings of the extension, I created a new user for each extension.

In the User Management Module, for each suer is shows primary linked extension under the Login Details and under the VPN tab is says “Auto Create & Link” and Inherit. Under the Group template it says “Auto Create & Link” Yes.

In the System Admin Module, under VPN Server, I see Clients with an ID and a Description. The description matches the primary extension but is listed, for example, as “230-230” for extension 230. If I open the client it says “Assigned Address” and None.

in the EPM, I have set up 3 phones for extension 230. They are listed as 230-1, 230-2, 230-3. When I open 230-1, and go down to the bottom to tell it to use the VPN, the choice I have is “230”.
If I open 230-2, and go down too the bottom to tell it to use the VPN, the choice I have is “230”. When I reprovisioned the phones, they both connected over the VPN but they both were assigned the same IP address of This caused a great deal of problems in the whole phone system.

When I want back to the System Admin Module, VPN Server, I was able to create more clients. I could even assign them non-conflicting IP addresses. But when I go back to the EPM and open a particular extension I cannot pick any client except the 230 one that caused an IP conflict.

So the question is did I just do this wrong? Or did I do it correctly, but the computer gods messed with me and I should see if they are asleep and not paying attention, so when I try it again it will probably work? Or is this the way the VPN works with EPM and you cannot use the VPN with 3 endpoints sharing the same extension.

Thank you again.

If you have 3 endpoints sharing the same extension AND connected via VPN there will be lots of instability.
Please don’t try doing 3 VPN endpoints on same extension (I don’t think that’s even supported either… VPN is designed for 1 VPN client / extension). Better to create separate extensions for each device. Then VPN configuration is easy.

Thank you.

The built in phone vpn client features go back quite a while now, since before it was common to use pjsip with multiple contacts. I doubt this is something that was ever tested, certainly I never have. You might want to open a feature request

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