Correct place to discuss Asterisk 1.6 beta issues with FreePBX?

Which, if any, of the forums is the correct one to use for discussing issues pertaining to FreePBX and the Asterisk 1.6 beta releases? While it is obvious this is a bleeding edge setup, it is also suggested in official announcements that there exists at least some desire to have FreePBX work with Asterisk 1.6 beta releases when possible.

I don’t see any such discussion, however, so maybe there’s a correct place for it and I just haven’t found it yet?


not sure there is really a correct place. Here, the beta forum or the Dev forum are probably all fine. If you have a bug to report you can post it into the bug tracker, otherwise, feel free to post the discussion point and see who might be able to comment.

Thanks, Philippe, I will go ahead and post issues here before asserting that they are “bugs” and posting in the bug tracker. It is possible that simple config changes can help resolve the issues I am seeing and that there’s technically no bug at all.