Correct callerid during two mobile numbers call

Hi, i’m creating call between two mobile numbers using ari4java like this:

ari.channels().originate("{trunk tech}/{trunk name}/{first number to call}")
                .setExtension("{second number to call}")
                .setContext("{predefined context for outbound calls}")

But in cdr reports info about call not containing any info about {first number to call}. CDR files not containing this info too.
If i change CallerId to {first number to call} i will loose call record that predefined on {extension}.
I’ve tried to set up some variables:
No changes or no records after using this variables. Any ideas how i can receive info {first number to call} and call record ?
There is field in cdr reports looks like for custom user data, but any chance to put some data to it

Yes. CDR-UserField

[Solved] CDR UserField - General Help - FreePBX Community Forums

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