Core module not upgraded during Freepbx 14 to 15 upgrade

I have processed an upgrade from FreePBX distro 14 to 15 using the GUI upgrade tool. The tool gave no errors at all and completed the upgrade ‘Successfully’ and told me to click refresh. I now have only two modules showing in my module admin, one of those is sysadmin which wont upgrade because two other modules are out of date;

  • Core module version 15.0.0 or higher is required, you have 14.0.12
  • Backup & Restore module version or higher is required, you have 14.0.6

Whenever I try upgrading core manually using the command:
fwconsole ma downloadinstall core --force
I get the error: Retrieved module XML was empty

I also now see that my unit is not ‘Activated’ when it was before

How can I fix this?

I’d submit a ticket on that one.

With the other, have you tried specifying the version you want to install on the command line?

I got it working. Seems I needed to change a file to contain ‘FreePBXDistro’ instead of just ‘FreePBX’. Why would this have changed during the upgrade and completely stop me updating/downloading addons?

I have exactly the same problem.
Can you share what file you changed and where ???

Seems to me the solution was discussed in here and has something to do with the Branding system.

If not, you can always us ‘grep’ to find the file in the /var/www/html directory tree.

/etc/schmooze change the file named ‘pbx-brand’ to contain ‘FreePBXDistro’
This is only a temp fix as it will revert itself after a while. The long term fix is to reactive your machine with a new deployment ID in the system admin module

Thanks a lot James!
That did it. After changing this one word I was able to finish upgrade to freePBX 15.

I will watch this one for a while and see if it changes back.

Is it possible that this system had a setting in Advanced Asterisk Settings “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” YES and that was the reason it didn’t upgrade correctly ?
It only happened to me on 1 PBX - other upgraded just fine…


I dont see why that would be the reason and I dont think my machine was set to edge mode when I did it and it happened to me. Its a bit of a weird one. One of the Sangoma representatives was looking into it but I havent heard back from them.

@james456 @walank

It’s still a mystery to me as well guys, I never did get a concrete answer as to “Why” or a proper fix beyond the migrating the deployment ID’s, which have opened up other cans of worms for me since the new ID’s aren’t recognized as appliances anymore (So if you plan to upgrade to PBXact for example, the pricing is no longer the cheaper appliance upgrade price of $180 but a more expensive route)

If I hear any updates on my end I’ll definitely let you guys know but in all my testing I’ve done so far, it doesn’t seem to be relating to the actual device/updates in anyway, it seems to be something on their backend.

I suspect there is a lot that is controlled behind the scenes on those deployment ID’s, everything from “Is this a FreePBX box or a PBXact box” to custom branding to branding removal, etc. If I had to guess, I’d probably say that the deployment ID’s that have these issues maybe have something in them that doesn’t match for FreePBX and so when the update modules goes out to check “Show me updates for X brand”, it can’t find them since it doesn’t exist.

Merely a theory on my end at this point but, either way frustrating.

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