Cordless phones


Old Aastra phone died. Client would now like to get a cordless phone.

Anyone have any experience with the Yealink W60B DECT IP Base Station and W56H handset?


Iv’e got some W52P’s in a center and they are good. I’ve had zero tickets about any issues.from the users in the last 2 years they’ve been in service. The coverage is excellent. They are in a fairly large area (300’ circumference) with the base stations in the middle.

I use them all the time in the right scenario. They are great units.

Another :+1: for the Yealink W52P’s - I bet we have 50 of them deployed and other than people dropping them into the trash (twice) or into a pot of soup (once) I have never had them fail - and one base can handle 4 separate extensions - so they are a bargain too!

You can also now use the base with a T41S deskphone that has a DECT adapter plugged into it.

Yealink has done solid with this move.

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