Cordless Phones with Paging?

I need a phone that can do paging by group. I need to be able to use it as an intercom to let multiple people in other buildings know something quickly without calling them all individually or waiting for anyone to pick up the phone. I also need this phone to include a cordless handset so people can grab it and take it into other rooms as needed. I’d also like it to be well integrated into Endpoint Manager and Asterisk in general.

I thought I had found the perfect phone until I discovered Aastra no longer sells the CT (cordless) models. Does anyone have recommendations?

What’s making this more difficult to find is that there seems to be no standard name for the paging/intercom feature and I’m always unsure whether a phone supports what I want. For example, I’ve run into the terms “set paging” and “intercom”. I’m never really sure which of those (or other terms) is the feature I’m looking for to do what I want.

I am not aware of any cordless phone that will accept a auto answer call. We have been asking for years from all manufactures that do SIP Dect phones

I can confirm that Yealink w52p DECT Cordless phones have this feature.

I setup paging within freepbx, included 2 w52p and a Snom870 and it auto answers on all simultaneously.

Thanks mrjoe. They are a bit on the pricy side but looks like exactly what I need.