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Some of the recent press has been filled with events that have not been particularly pleasant to read and I’m happy to bring more positive news. I’ve talked about the cross pollination of complimentary and related projects in a past post and with today’s news I am excited to reinforce to the community that this is the norm amongst most of the projects in the Open Telephony space.

We embarked on the Open Telephony Training Seminar late last year, prompted by community members looking to us to fill a void of training material that has not been available elsewhere. The reception has been overwhelming not only by our installed base but by many of the prominent telephony vendors as has been seen by their involvement and generous contribution to this program.

Today I bring you more evidence of the synergy by announcing our next seminar to take place at the one an only, Asterisk Ground Zero, at Digium’s Headquarters in Huntsville, AL. “One of Digium’s primary goals is to expand the use of the Asterisk telephony engine and to be a good corporate citizen within the Asterisk ecosystem. To further this aim, we have contributed to the FreePBX project in various ways, including taking an active role in supporting their OTTS training program. We are happy to strengthen the relationship with the FreePBX project, and are proud to host their next seminar in our state-of-the-art training facility.” says Jared Smith, World Wide Training Manager for Digium, Inc. and co-author of the one and only Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (O'Reilly Media). We are thrilled to have this opportunity and have appreciated the support Digium has provided and the training material and presentations that Jared Smith has delivered in our sessions.

Whether you are looking for training or not, we hope that this news brings a bit of encouragement that different projects, which may include areas of overlap (that some consider ‘competition’) can work together synergistically to continue fueling the disruptive technologies that we have all been working so hard to evolve and use against those who we consider the real competitors, the traditional giants of the telecom world.

For more information on the training, you can go to the Open Telephony Training Seminar section of the website. The quick and dirty summary is:

Where: Digium Headquarters, Huntsville, AL
When: October 7-10th, 2008

Now for the project plug. If you like what you see, the close collaboration of such projects vs. the unfortunate events of the recent past, vote here by pressing the following button:


For now, signing off but will be back soon with other news to come.

Philippe – On Behalf of the FreePBX and OTTS Teams


Congratulations and kudos to Digium for supporting the FreePBX project!

Congratulation and thank you so much for taking care of freepbx project. i really appreciate your help.