Convert sln16 files

Hi everyone, I’m trying to convert an mp3 or waw file to lsn16 to replace the preloaded voice that says to enter the conference pin code

Use sox if you are doing it ON the FreePBX system itself.

This is something I did recently to convert some 3CX recordings to something Asterisk could use.

Obviously your syntax will vary. Use soxi filename to get the details of the mp3/wav file.

sox vmail_3038710928_101_20181113170803.wav --encoding ima-adpcm -c 1 -e signed-integer msg0000.wav

Or in Asterisk itself

file convert
Usage: file convert <file_in> <file_out>
Convert from file_in to file_out. If an absolute path
is not given, the default Asterisk sounds directory
will be used.

       file convert tt-weasels.gsm tt-weasels.ulaw

(it can’t do mp3 though :wink: )

It also could not convert from the 3CX IMA ADPCM format either.

But it would likely handle “waw file to lsn16” sic, as wav or sln16 :wink:

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