Convert from elastix using same server

I am running Elastix 2.5 (Freepbx is embedded) and am considering switching to just using FreePBX. I have seen the conversion tool, but that requires a second box which we don’t have or need. Is there a way that I can modify my current server by stripping out Elastix, and doing something like changing the repositories to the FreePBX repos and directing Apache to serve the FreePBX pages (currently at /var/www/html/admin)? Has anyone tried this?


I don’t think there is a way but why don’t you do a VM with FreePBX and use it as a target for the conversion tool…

Then make a backup, install FreePBX on your old box and restore from the backup?

Of course, you need a backup of your old box just in case but that could possibly be done by swapping hard drives…

Good luck and have a nice day!


No you can’t. Their are way way to many changes that have to be done and FreePBX is much more then some web pages and asterisk configs that you have to install it from scratch .

Doesn’t my server now have a fully active FreePBX under the elastix? I can go to “unembedded FreePBX” and do all of my configurations there right now. If I can’t do it, I can use Marbled’s suggestion, although I will probably just convert an old windows machine as the new box.

Thank you!

You have a 5 plus year old version of FreePBX GUI. Not FreePBX Distro which is the GUI and lots of other things. Their is no ability to inplace update from Elastix. They have done way to many changes

The only way is to move away from elastix (i was also a longtime user for 8 years) and install a fresh copy of freepbx on the box,

When installing / setting up the box, dont forget to register the box it unleashes so many benefits that elastix simply did not have

I am running freepbx now for about one year and i like it way better than Elastix.

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