I am converting from FreePBX version to

The process seems to have mainly gone well, however when the tool runs it produces the below error.

Also the IVR settings are not migrated over. I have looked online and found another report of the ivr settings but no resolution.

Can anyone give some insight please. thank you.

‘SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘generatehints’ in ‘field list’’ with module parking, table parkplus, when inserting row: {“id”:1,“name”:“Default Lot”,“type”:“public”,“parkext”:"",“parkpos”:"",“numslots”:4,“parkingtime”:45,“parkedmusicclass”:“default”,“generatehints”:“yes”,“generatefc”:“yes”,“findslot”:“first”,“parkedplay”:“both”,“parkedcalltransfers”:“caller”,“parkedcallreparking”:“caller”,“alertinfo”:"",“cidpp”:"",“autocidpp”:“none”,“announcement_id”:null,“comebacktoorigin”:“yes”,“dest”:""} - Skipping

There are a few known issues with the conversion script, most of which are enumerated in this thread: How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide

Anything not migrated automatically must be done manually post conversion.

Thanks for the reply. I read through that thread and not seen a mention of the SQL error I’m receiving.

comparing the old to the new I also found that the music on hold hasn’t gone across, nor has the IVR either.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to do one of the following:

  1. update the table definition to include the field you are missing,
  2. edit the mysqldump file that has the data in it and edit the options on the inserts to ignore errors.

Either way, you will need to intervene by hand to get past this specific edge case error.

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