Convert DialPad OBH 1032 from dialpad to freepbx?

I have a site that has several hundred dialpad Obihai 1032’s and they’d like to move off dialpad to freepbx but use the same handsets. I’m assuming Dialpad has a custom firmware on these. Is there an easy way to convert these to standard sip phones? They don’t seam to be using the option 66 of the DHCP to check for updated firmware. Anyone have any tips or insight before I take on this task?

I answered my own question, but here is my solution for the group:

make sure your brand is created in EPM, and the mapping is already made for your device.

login to webgui of device

username user
password [email protected]#123

click on auto provisioning
ITSP Provisioning, ConfigURL from$mac&model=$DMN&firmware=$FWV&local_ip=$IPA,auth-token-name=Bearer,auth-token=$UDM8



Inside of Service Provider, ITSP Profile A, General,
remove OutboundProxy and OutboundProxyPort


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