Convert AsteriskNOW 3.0.1 to the latest FreePBX Distro?


Is there an easy method to convert from AsteriskNOW 3.0.1 to the latest FreePBX Distro?


Thanks! Will give this a try.

Was just wondering if this will remove the AsteriskNOW totally? It currently has the FreePBX GUI, just would rather upgrade the current install for a client instead of installing with the Freepbx iso and restoring the data. The pbx version number doesn’t appear in the sysadmin module.


Did you try it yet? the script is a text file (shell script). The post eventually points you here if you have any problems after running it.

I took a snapshot and its running now. We’ll see what happens. May be more involved with my clients setup since it has a warm spare as well. Im not sure if running this on the spare would break anything once We try to bring up the primary.


hehe, that’s why its good to know what the script is going to do if you provide support to a client. That’s why they pay you ;-). You should be aware that the script is only transitional and willnot/cannot take you to the “latest” but it will get you to a point where you have safe options to get to that version.