Control multiple conditions with a single feature code

This is a reality check. I think the answer is “No, you cannot do that in the GUI.”

One of my facilities hosts a health task force that is activated in case of pandemics and such. I have the main DID for this group set up with a time condition like this:
Inbound route for xxx-1000 -> Time condition that is always false (because of time group) -> announcement saying the command center is not activated.
To activate the command center, I use the feature code for the time condition to force it always true. That directs calls to the extension and, if not answered, to an IVR with the options to contact various staff at x1001, 1002, and 1003.

The call flow works well for this main line. (Although I’m open to “this would be a better way to do this.”) [Already figured out that Call Flow Toggle will do this better.]

The problem I’m trying to solve is this:
If someone calls xxx-1001 via DID, the call goes directly to the x1001s extension. This happens even if the main DID is not activated via the feature code override.

What I’d like is to have one feature code that would control all four extensions. If non-active, send all four to the not activated message. If activated (with the main feature code), send the main line to the IVR and the other lines to their respective extensions.

If I create a separate time condition for the x1001, it gets a separate override code. I would like to avoid the inevitable mistakes that would happen if they have to use a sequence of codes to turn on/off each extension individually. If I try to set the same feature code for both conditions, the GUI balks.

My preference is to have a solution that uses the GUI and not custom programming so it’s easier for others to maintain. Any thoughts?

You can probably re-use the Call Flow Toggle to intercept on the other incoming DIDs via GUI “Custom Destinations”.

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Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Hook Time Conditions Module

Read the tool tip, you can associate multiple call flows with a single feature code.

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" The second use is the ability to associate a single call flow toggle with multiple time conditions thus creating a master switch that can be used to override several possible call flows through different time conditions."

Perfect. Thank you, Lorne.

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