Contribute to making FreePBX 15 compatible with PHP 7.3

I’m putting out a call for those who want to help with community effort toward making FreePBX 15 work with PHP 7.3. A story ticket with sub-tasks containing specific fixes can be found at

PHP 7.3 is the standard version released in the new Debian 10 “buster” and also in the latest OS for Raspberry Pi.

Please help test the proposed patches, which should also be fully backward compatible with PHP 7.x and PHP 5.6. Please also contribute any other fixes you find and link to that ticket for easy tracking.


Also, CentOS 8 will be shipping PHP 7.2 by default.
So updating SNG7 to SNG8 will require this change.

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God… I wish had the time and PHP knowledge/experience…

FreePBX 15 on PHP 7.3 has been working well for me for a few weeks, using edge-track (published) modules. There was a little hiccup this week where the Locale class made a sneaky appearance in framework and Debian needed the php-intl library to be installed for it to work.

Anyone else been using PHP 7.3 and have feedback? I personally am hoping to see it listed as “supported” in the upcoming GA release of FreePBX 15, but I don’t know whether anyone on the dev team has been serious about it especially since the Distro seems to be holding steady at SNG 7 with PHP 5.6.