Context set to voicehost-in


I am trying to move to a new trunk provider. The old one was happy with me setting the context to from-trunk, however, the new one are saying me not setting it to “voicehost-in” may not be secure. If I set it to “voicehost-in” I can’t make any calls in. If I leave it as “from-trunk” everything works.

Is there some way to make my system work with the context they’re suggesting? Or are they just wrong about “from-trunk” being insecure somehow?

I’ve never heard of a voicehost-in context. Is this something you created? The statement that from-trunk is not secure is pretty nebulous and could mean a 100 things but we’ve never had any issues with security using that context.

No they just told me I should use that context. Its new to me. It seems to stop my PBX from working though, as it seems FreePBX is built around the trunk being set with “from-trunk” Context.

My choice seem to be ignore their advice, or try and get FreePBX to accept calls down that trunk with that context.

On my set up, it goes Trunk > Inbound Route > Time Conditions > IVR > Queue > Extension.

It may be worth noting this is FreePBX 13, the extensions are all Chan SIP, the trunk to the old supplier is Chan SIP, but I am trying to make the trunk to the new supplier PJSIP to start moving over to the newer version.

Yea, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for their advice without a bit more information. I would ignore it as is and use the context that does work for your inbound calls.

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