Contacts on Aastra - Cannot Display

Using the paid EPM with RESTapps and Aastra 55i phone. Everything is licensed correctly.

If I program a key to be the XML-API and REST-Contacts, when one presses this button, I get the option of selecting which group to display (AllUsers), but pressing/selecting this gives a “Cannot Display” message.

However, if I program a button as XML-API and REST-App and then press the button, I get a list of XML Apps and if I select the Contacts App, then select the group to display (same list as above) it works and I get a list of all the users.

Has anyone experienced this? Bug?


I am having the same issue on Aastra/Mitel 6867i phones

Probably best tro open a bug report with them.
Unfortunately I do not have physical access to the problem installation and so cannot troubleshoot further.

I don’t use the restapps but I do have the aastra 6867i phones, and I load the contacts from the tftpboot folder… using the aastra.cfg file with a csv file
here is the statement from the aastra.cfg file…

directory 1: externalAddressBook.csv

picture didn’t really show what I wanted so
name, number, line#,
if that helps.

I have this same issue… I reported it as a User Manager issue a while back (User Manager Contact Group no longer shows in Phone Apps Contacts)
But it seems this is more of a Rest-Apps issue.

I didn’t realize that the problem only occurs like @mag mentioned… when I use a soft key programed to the XML-API: REST-Contacts then go to the Contact Group I get “Cannot Display” … but if I go to that same Contact Group by going to the XML-API: Rest-Apps, then Contacts, then the Contact Group it shows fine.

Also this only occurs for Contact Groups that are in the FreePBX User Manager Group, not for Contact Groups in “Internal” or “External” groups.
I recreated my User Manager group as an “Internal” contact group as a workaround. Not ideal but it works.

Please report the bug so it can be resolved at

created issue