Contact manager vs Asterisk Phone book

Can someone give me light on the contact manager vs phonebook history ?
I read somewhere that the phone book was out of date and that it is better to use the contact manager.

I am trying to accomplish two things:

  • Get customers info in a directory so end user can call them
  • Get FreePBX to resolve incoming numbers against Phone Book or Contact manager in order to display name of caller on desk phone

Under Admin / CID Superfecta, I enabled both Asterisk PhoneBook and FreePBX ContactManager.

When I enter a number in the phonebook, and this number calls, I see the name showing up on my desk phone.

When I delete the info from the phone book and add it to the contact manager, I can’t get this to work (resolving phone # against contact manager name, and displaying it on the phone)

Any hint appreciated about this.
Thank you all


Phonebook has been deprecated and will stop appearing in future versions of Asterisk. That alone is a non-starter.

As far as contact manager functionality, take a look at the documentation.
Contact Manager Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

One area to check is if your users have the correct contact manager group assigned so they can access the information you are putting into FreePBX.

If you’re confident of that, maybe provide a log so we can see what is happening with a test call.:
Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation (

Superfecta is working for me with Contact Management. Note that you have to config the source in superfecta to return the field you want from contact manager:

So if you’re only populating Company or Display Name, you want to ensure that’s selected.

I tried what you are both mentioning without success.
I found out lots of request on the forum about this. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a nice wiki about it. Here is my current unsuccessful conf:

Contact manager with 2 external groups, 1 entry under External / Customer

1 Superfecta

Superfecta details

CID Setup to use the Contact Manager

Return format using Display Name

Inbound Route using ContactManager for CID Lookup and All Superfecta Scheme

In my after hour queue, I have a prefix for the CID:

When a call comes in , I see on the phone screen:

Any hint appreciated on how to fix this.

I turned off the cache, and it’s now working… :confused:

You turned off the cache where? It already shows as off in your screenshots.

:upside_down_face: Well given the option of it not working… enjoy!

Hey, we are having the same trouble. We tried all the proposals above.

We have just imported all our 600 contacts into the Contact Manager, but no caller name is shown, also not in the Debug/Test Run.
The (manually) added entry into the classic Phonebook works fine!

@simon_templar : Where exactly did you turn off the cache?

Under “Superfecta details”. That one was on. I turned it off randomly and it worked.

Admin / CID Superfecta
Then turn off the SUPERFECTA CACHE with the OFF button.
Save and apply.
Let me know.

Thanks, caching was not the issue (created a new thread) :wink:

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