Contact Manager, send info to phone for CallerID?

Hi! I have a quick question. We want to create a phonebook with all our clients, so that way when they call us, the name/info will appear on our grandstream phones. Is there any way to accomplish this?

I see that theres several contact managers in Freepbx, but I couldnt get it to work. Grandstream has the internal option to create a phonebook, would I have to go that route?

If we can create a phonebook on our pbx, to transfer the info over to our phones, can anyone tell me how to do it?

Thank you!!

I’m using yealink phones which allow an xml to be loaded from a remote location. I set this location to be a PHP script which gets data from the contact manager module. Maybe your phones can also do this?

I think CID Superfecta might work for you, if I’m understanding all you are needing is Caller ID names to show up correctly?


There are two data sources in CID Superfecta that can do this: FreePBX User Mgr (pulls from the User Management module) and FreePBX Contactmanager (Pulls from the Contact Manager).

Yeah I want to create a phonebook that transfers over the CID info over to my grandstream phones. For, Anthony from (123)345-6789 calls, I want to see that info appear on the grandstream phone, instead of just the number. I noticed that the “default” option in CID Superfecta is already set up. Should I leave it as is?

Yes, you’ll just need to configure the “default” SuperFecta scheme to have the Data Sources you want (Contact Manager, Trunk Provided, etc), then Enable Superfecta Lookup for each of your Inbound Routes.

Thats where the issue was, I wasn;t aware I had to enable it in the inbound route, but its working now. Thank you!!!