Contact Manager Module - REST Apps - Sangoma Phones - some problems

Hello community,
i have a problem with the Contact Manager Modul. Further more the CID Lookup feature is not getting a match either.
Basic parameters: I have a pbxact40 with connected sangoma phones s206, s505, s705 and i am sitting in Germany.

First Problem:
I am expecting problems using ‘+’ as leading symbol. When i use ‘+49’ as the leading characters in any number within the contact manager module the outgoing call will always be send with the number “49X.” except the ‘+’ and therefor no outgoing call is possible. When i change the ‘+49X.’ to a ‘0X.’, it works. Is there any special ‘+’ i have to use or do you have another hint about this problem?

Second Problem:
On the other hand all incoming calls from Germany have a number in the form of the pattern “+49X.”. As of my understanding, if i want the caller id to be successfully looked up by asterisk, it should be saved within the Contact Manager Module with the same pattern. I can see within the logs, that asterisk trys to look up the CID like it should but it can’t find a matching item in the Contact Manager Module. Do you have any help for me how to get this work?

The Contact Manager is setup properly, as far as i can say, and the contacts are accessible on the sangoma phones with the Contacts-REST-App. The lookup source is setup in the inbound route with the help of the “CallerID Lookup Sources”. This seems to work, too, but there is no match.

I would be glad to get some help.
Best regards

Doing some very quick testing, and it looks like doing CID lookup to contact manager with numbers containing a + character fail. I see the same with CID Superfecta as well. As a PBXact customer, you’re entitled to full bug support with your contract, so pls open a support ticket on that.

I recommend you contact support for the first issue as well.

@lgaetz Thank you for your advice. I wrote to the support. Let’s look, what they are able to do.

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