Contact list for gigaset N720 phones

Hello freepbx -ers

I have a problem sharing a phonebook on my Gigasets.

I use Gigasets N720 Dect Manager PRO and some mobile devices, and FreePBX with extensions for phone numbers.

Can someone help me to get a common contact lists on all mobiles the one if int(ernal) button and the other if phonebook button is pressed on the Gigasets?

Best would be if there is a way to share the freepbx contact list, but if a other list is easier i am open for all ideas.

I am a newbee with linux and would need help in easy words :wink:

Thank you!

There’s no standard way to share phonebooks across multiple devices, so it’s going to be a tough row to hoe.

@PitzKey or @sorvani (I think) wrote a phonebook ‘downloader’ that works with a bunch of different phones that you could use as a start for writing one. Adapt that to your specific phone’s needs and away you go.

If you post a link to the phone book format that the phone expects, I can update one of my various scripts to output in that format.

But aside from all of the phones using their own format, it is also important to clarify what the source of the address book would be.

I have one script that exports contact manager data, which you can also import from an external source if the format is right.

Edit: this is the github where I keep that

I do not know exactly what you mean, but gigaset N720 is dect and needs a phonebook like following pictures.

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